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Humbling: Newcastle Writers Festival, 2013

There are many aspects of writing that I find humbling. Firstly, that someone would publish my book. Secondly, that it sells at all. Thirdly, that people enjoy it so much they want to talk to me about it. The inaugural … Continue reading

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An Update

Posterous is closing on April 30 so I have moved all my previous blog posts into this WordPress blog. It feels fresh and new, all clean and straight lines…I wonder how long until the toast crumbs begin to gather? You … Continue reading

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Seasons of Change

The moon hasn’t set yet. It’s a white hazey ball – a mirror of the big Chinese lantern still lit as dawn comes to the scene of the wedding, a paddock marked with golden bunting. Sleeping, over-dressed people piled up … Continue reading

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A Chat With Andy Griffiths (courtesy Shearer’s Bookshop)

THURSDAY, 12 APRIL 2012 Just Doomed is the Andy Griffiths? and Terry Denton?s eighth book in the Just series. Griffith?s? books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide, have featured on the New York Times bestseller lists, and have won over 30 A… Continue reading

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Interferon Psalms: Luke Davies

Interferon Psalms: 33 psalms on the 99 names of God is the complete title of Luke Davies latest work of poetry and from this alone, we know we need to prepare to undertake the journey Davies has prepared for us. Pulling from the Psalms, songs of p… Continue reading

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My Reading Picks for 2011 and the Australian Women Writers Challenge

I am a month in at Shearer’s Bookshop in Norton Street, Sydney and it has been quite a lot of fun so far. The staff are all lovely, Barbara has been terrific and the customers have been interesting and aplenty. Christmas shopping is heating up and… Continue reading

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is torrential downpours and flooded gutters that build to flowing creeks under waterlogged cars in minutes. Sydney is sea-green and gun-metal-grey skies clashing into each other in sheets of shockingly white lightning. Sydney is kurrawongs and mag… Continue reading

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